Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario

The FKZO Festival will be held from July 26 to August 5, 2018 at David Pecaut Square.

Kompa Zouk from Ontario is attacking tastes!

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Toronto’s Kompa Zouk Festival from July 26 to August 5, 2018, at David Pecaut Square in Toronto.

DansoTo is an innovative and multifaceted concept that will offer all facets of DISCOVERING DANCE IN VIRTUAL MODE during the festivities of the FKZO all grouped at the same crossroads. A real enriching cultural hike for the whole family.

Thanks to the concerted action of our sponsors, partners, volunteers and donors, FKZO will offer an exceptional program this year.

The creativity of Toronto’s Kompa Zouk Festival also extends to the space of young artists. They have the unique opportunity to stand out, thanks to the shadows of the stars that the public loves, both in Toronto and elsewhere.

In a few years, FKZO has become the largest multicultural and bilingual festival, selected five times by the experts, among the top 100 best festivals in Ontario.

This year again, we invite you to discover and share the many aspects of Creole culture through our activities. Come with your family and friends and enjoy!

The eight editions of the festival were a huge success with more than 100,000 visitors! Festivalgoers were delighted by performances by artists such as Tabou Combo, Phantom, Djakout # 1, Michael Benjamin (MIKABEN), Phyllisia Ross, Stevy Mahy, Alan Cave, Emeline Michel, T-Vice, Kreyol-La, J- Perry, Anti-Fanmi Lavalas, Zenglen, Gabel, KASSAV ‘, Unik, Michael Brown, Scar, DJ DJ NS, DJ Trickey, DJ Ace, Dj Starkz, who contributed to the growing popularity of the festival.

This year the festival will run from July 26 to August 5, 2018.

Come taste, and enjoy the Creole culture at David Pecaut Square!

Please click here to see our artist line-up for 2018!


See you soon! Enjoy the Zouk!

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