Artists 2015

Get to know some of our amazingly talented artists!

Performing dates to be announced in the following weeks.


Phantoms, led by King Kino, have left a tremendous mark on the Haitian music scene. Phantoms infused the digital sounds of the new era with the musicality of the big bands of the past to create a vibrant new sound, incorporating their many influences, from African American rap to Rock to House music. Phantoms’ music and conscious lyrics reflect a knowledge of history and a deeper purpose rather than just making you dance.


Jonathan Perry, AKA J-Perry,  is a very talented singer, songwriter, and producer who grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The first song on his debut album, “Dekole,” was awarded “Hit Song of the Decade” in Haiti and was chosen as the theme song for the 2012 Haitian Carnival. He concluded a phenomenal year by being named 2012 Haitian Artist of the Year, and has since been touring the Caribbean islands, Europe, Canada, Brazil and the United States. Read more about J-Perry here.

Phyllisia Ross

Phyllisia has performed in multiple countries, and has also collaborated with artists and musicians spanning across many genres. She has a passion for music and education, which she expresses through her songs. She is devoted to making a difference and became a part of the Project Medishare for Haiti family. Expect great music from this young artist in multiple genres in the near future- R&B, soul, pop, smooth jazz, reggae, zouk, and kompa.
See Phyllisia Ross’s official page here.


With former singer Barikad Krew, Izolan is recognized as the best international Rapper. They have multiple albums with international artists.

Michael Benjamin


Hervé Anthenor, AKA Shabba is a well-known artist group Djakout. Djakout group was created in 1996. Since that year, he participated in the carnival Port-au-Prince.
This is also the first group of Haitian Kompa to be featured on MTV. Wyclef Jean accompanies the legendary group, which identifies itself as a messenger of disadvantaged people on the stages of Montreal and Miami. In February 2008, they were rewarded for their performance at the carnival. Djakout # 1 already has 8 albums to his credit, the latest of which allowed him to climb back to the top of the charts.


Fraka is a Montreal-based collective inspired by world music! It is a well-established musical formation that transmits positive energy and enthusiasm through catchy melodies and rhythms. Fraka consists of Doody and Kami, two energetic accomplices accompanied by passionate musicians and frenzied dancers, constantly evolving in a carnival-like atmosphere! Their music is known as C-Pop, or Caribbean-Pop, it is a spicy mix of world music with Caribbean influences and urban rhythms. It’s about forgetting everything just for a moment. It’s about letting you go to the sound of world music that knows no boundaries, feels warm under the skin and soothes the body and spirit. Rhythms that are explosive, songs that are colourful, and music that is timeless; that’s C-Pop!

Born in Montreal, Doody lived in Haiti until his teens and grew up with the rhythmic music of the islands. In 2003, after completing studies in electrical engineering at Montreal’s Concordia University, he discovered his calling for music. He then founded Tranzit and honed, with tireless determination, his talents as a singer-songwriter. It’s therefore not surprising to see reflected in Doody’s passionate interpretations the enthusiasm and spontaneity that are his trademarks.

Kami is a Montrealer of Burundian origin who grew up in a musical universe just as rhythmic and colourful. She started her artistic career by performing conscious rap and then explored funk, rock and soul. In 2003, she took part in Canadian Idol and ranked in the top 200. Don’t be fooled by Kami’s mischievous smile…behind it hides a charismatic and spellbinding singer who will charm you with her powerful voice and her warm stage presence.


Karizma is a young Caribbean-American band playing Kompa and World Music. After surfacing with their breakthrough single “Ave’L M Rilax”, Karizma has quickly emerged as one of the louder voice of New York’s young influential Haitian American musicians. Karizma is an 8-piece modern konpa band, Haiti’s most popular musical genre. The band comprises of Emmery Etienne (vocals/songwriter), Jean Napoleon Jr. “Jay R” (guitar), Daniel Paul (keys/producer), Jodanny Petit Frere (keys/producer), Richard Augustin(bass), Louissaint Beliard (drums), Davidson Bastien (congas), and Blanchner Auguste (percussionist). Karizma issued their first single in Summer of 2010. On June 17, 2011, Karizma debuted to a sold-out audience at Area Lounge in Queens. The band continues to raise their stock with smart street marketing, and successful performances at venues throughout New York, including SOBS, Macy’s flagship store in Boston, Haiti, Montreal, and Paris.

Andi y Los Latinos

Andi y los Latinos is a Latin Band with Cuban and Colombian musicians. In 2014, Andi was the winner in Niagara’s Next Star contest in Welland. Two years ago, they started playing private events, and step by step, they have gotten public recognition during special festivals and throughout the community. Their performances look to show to the public diverse kinds of Latin rhythms, such as Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Vallenato and Merengue.

Natasha Waterman

Natasha Waterman is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. As a double threat, the singer/songwriter is no stranger to Canada’s R&B scene and has been making her mark for years. Born in Toronto to an American father (African/Aboriginal) and Canadian mother (English/Scottish), her family wasn’t surprised when she followed in her father’s musical footsteps. By the time she was 14, Waterman was wowing crowds as a rapper. A natural performer, it didn’t take long for her to blow away audiences with her incredible voice. As a singer, Waterman has recorded with some of Canada’s biggest artists, including Ivana Santilli and Choclair. As a songwriter, she has numerous TV and films credits. Notable co-writing partners include Randy Bachman, Robbie Patterson, Marc Jordan, Rob Wells, Bobby Cameron, Luke McMaster and Tupelo Honey.


A native of Port-au-Prince, Jah Nissi was born on October 12, whose real name Ernst Toussaint. In 1996, his family emigrated to Venezuela. Ernst perfected his musical career in a music school where he learned to play the drums. He formed the group “FIRE OF LIFE”. Finally in 2007, he settled in Canada. He works on his image, goals, identity and realizes his dream: his album.

Komi Olaf

Komi Olaf is an emerging Visual Artist and poet, Born in Kaduna Nigeria. His love and obsession with art and self expression from an early age led him to study Architecture at Carleton University in Ottawa.  After receiving his Master of architecture degree in 2009 , he made a career change and  began to build on the painting skills he had acquired from a workshop offered at the university. To further his understanding, Komi also completed an Artist instructor program with the Royal conservatory of Music in 2014 where he learned to integrate the skills acquired as a self taught artist into school curriculums.


Régine is the co-founder of EKSPRESYON, a dance company based in Montreal and Toronto focusing on Haitian traditional dances and afro-contemporary techniques. She’s a former member of the Folkloric Ballet of Haiti a renowned dance company in Haiti, where she discovered and mastered Haitian traditional dances. She also has a background in Classical Ballet, Jazz and Modern and her overall technique is one that combines her different trainings – mixing the contemporary to the traditional.


Comedy Performances

Hosted by Sarah DoubleXL and Ronnie Delienne.

Sarah DoubleXL

Comedian Sarah St-Fleur, better known by her stage name Double XL, is unquestionably the long-awaited breath of fresh air Quebec’s comedy needed. Born in Montreal to Haitian parents, DoubleXL began her artistic career very early through multiple dance performances and hosting at numerous variety shows on local and international stages. Undeniably passionate, dynamic and social DoubleXL exudes an electrifying stage presence that leaves no one indifferent. With this contagious energy, she was able to quickly get noticed in the comedy scene. Since her beginnings in comedy in 2014, she has performed in several major events such as the Couscous Comedy Show, the Pikilz Comedy Show and at Comedy Works for the first part of the well known comedian Eddy King. In addition to performing as much as she can, she writes and produces weekly humorous scketchs in French, English and Creole. With such an explosive career start, only time will tell how far DoubleXL will go to entertain the world.


DJ Stakz

DJ Kyabu

Portuguese born of Angolan descent, DJ Kyabu (a.k.a. Ivan Fialho), is a Kuduro, House Kompa and Zouk music DJ and Producer. Currently based in Toronto, Canada he has been immersed in the music scene since 1995.
DJ Kyabu’s rich multicultural background influences him with a mix of organic, musical styles. At an early age, growing up in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal, he was surrounded with the South-West African sounds of Angola and the Caribbean sounds of the French Antilles. When witnessing him DJ live, DJ Kyabu takes the crowed on a musical journey, by blending House to Semba or from Zouk/Kompa to Kuduro. All in a mind shifting, organic and edgy manner that will certainly make you dance.


Please be sure to check back daily, as we will be announcing more performers and dates in the coming weeks.