FKZO Fever Lands back in Toronto!

Du 28 juillet au 06 Août prochains


Toronto, le 27 juillet, 2017. Comité organisateur/La 9ème édition du Festival Kompa Zouk de l’Ontario-FKZO est arrivée. À l’approche du lancement officiel, soit le 28 juillet prochain, la fièvre zouk a gagné la métropole torontoise qui vibre déjà au rythme du 150ème anniversaire de la Confédération canadienne.

Par ce temps historique, le Comité organisateur a tracé la ligne de démarcation avec toutes les editions précédentes du plus grand festival de la francophonie diverse en Ontario. En 2017, le FKZO innove et met spécialement le Canada culturel à l’honneur. L’année est triomphale !

Les artistes de la diversité canadienne, invités à l’échelle du pays, monteront tour à tour sur le podium pour agrémenter les mélomanes qui viendront, eux aussi, à l’échelle du continent.

Au Carrefour des cultures proposées cette année, du 3 au 5 août, la Cuisine et les Arts ont fait une alliance dans un concept unique : Saveurs d’ici et d’ailleurs, spécialement inventé par FKZO pour rendre hommage aux Fondateurs de ce vaste et beau pays qu’est le Canada.

La journée du 5 août, dite “Journée familiale”, aura sa propre emprunte. Parents et enfants seront au centre du divertissement. L’appui artistique d’une compagnie brésilienne plus connue sous l’appelation : Zumbini fournira une performance dédiée aux enfants. Elle sera suivie par le cracheur de feu, Carribean all Stars.

Pour la première fois, dans l’histoire du FKZO, le chanteur Horus Rao, dont la voix est dans la lignée de Tracy Chapman et Ed Cheeran, montera sur la scène. La surprise sera de taille avec cet artiste imprévisible. Il ne sera pas le seul.

Le lendemain aura lieu le “Concert du 150ème du Canada”, où tout le monde sera en effervescence avec Enpekab, Black Parents, Unik, Melorize, DJ International féminine Sandy Duperval, Nu-Live, Asoto, Brazil Entertainment et tant d’autres qui apporteront leur touche à cette édition unique en son genre.

La programmation du FKZO 2017 prévoit d’autres révélations : la performance du DJ Trickey et DJ Scar. La compagnie MVCHIC EVENTS, spécialisée en gestion d’événements, assurera la décoration du site.


information: 647-915-2018/ 438-879-0330/


Toronto’s David Pecaut Square will be transformed into a Tropical getaway as part the 9th edition of Festival Kompa Zouk Toronto


Toronto, July 27th, 2017.

From August 3-6, 2017, Toronto’s David Pecaut Square (215 King St W) will be transformed into a Tropical getaway as part the 9th edition of Festival Kompa Zouk Toronto. The popular French creole festival returns this year with a new concept, “Saveurs d’ici et d’ailleurs”, where visitors will be immersed in the sights, sounds and taste of the Caribbean. Some of Toronto’s most talented creole chefs will be on site serving up mouth-watering favourites such as Fritay Lakay, a traditional Haitian dish prepared with fried banana, meat and fish.

As always, music and the arts will also be a major component of this year’s festival, which will feature artists from Dominica, Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mauritius, St. Lucia and Brazil. Other highlights include an exhibition from the Black Canadian Network (BCN) focused on the presence and experience of the early African arrivals to Canada before 1867; a book signing with Haitian author Madeleine Bégon; workshops with Melorize Dance Company, Guerline Cribe of Luxury Hair Care and a special workshop for children and families with Brazilian entertainment group, Zumbini.

Festival Kompa Zouk’s Family Day will take place on Aug 5th from 4-10 pm. Festivities will culminate with FKZO’s annual concert on August 6th, 4-10 pm. All events are free and open to everyone.

For more information visit 905-915-2018.

8 Years Already!

Toronto, July 14, 2016 – July 14th marked the launch of the 8th Edition of Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario (FKZO). The Festival will culminate with its popular annual concert on July 31st, at Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West. FKZO is guaranteed to provide a unique cultural and educational experience, focused on the theme of cultural diversity in Ontario.

The popular French flavoured festival, which in previous years has attracted many attendees from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, is expected to break past attendance records this year. FKZO has for the fourth year in a row been named one of Ontario’s top 100 festivals and events. After offering Kassav, Tabou Combo, Boukman Eksperyans, J-Perry, Phantom, Phylissia Ross, Thierry Cam and many other great names in Kompa and Zouk music, FKZO innovates this year by exposing the general public to a number of young local and international artists.

The schedule for FKZO 2016 is as follows:

July 14-20 2016 :
Summer camps FKZO-Modern Batik.
Leadership camps for youth aged 11-17 years old.
Mississauga YMCA

July 25, 2016 :
FKZO & Extravangaza/Steve-Ana, in partnership with Just for Laughs present: Michael Brun & Sandy Duperval @ Melting Pot. 9:00pm-3:00AM.
Adm : 20$

July 28 2016:
BEST OF BOTH WORLDS campaign for HAITI presented by CAMH
“Where therapy meets Vodou”
Conference: Widner Dumay , Vodou Priest
Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm
15 Devonshire pl, Toronto, Ontario
Gala at Lula lounge
Artists: DJ Scar & Dieufaites Charles.
1585 Dundas Street West, Toronto Ontario.
Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm

July 30 2016:
OLG-FKZO Creole Vibrations on the Sea – Blue and white party with T-VICE.
The Empress Canada Ship will be flying the flag of FKZO for the “FKZO on the Sea” boat cruise.
The boat cruise, sponsored by OLG will leave the dock from 11 Polson street, Toronto at 10:30 pm.
Featuring music by T-Vice, DJ ACE (International) DJ SCAR (Toronto), DJ DMZ Sounds (Dominica).
Info: 647-456-1966/514-998-0207.
Adm: 65$

31 Juillet 2016:
Concert Festival FKZO – 8th Edition. Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario will reach its climax as young talents and renowned musicians take the stage to display their talents.
This year’s festival will feature performances by top international and local artists: The legends of guitars: Robert Martino et Toto Laraque and T-Vice, Karizma, Bollywood Fitness, Saskya Sky, Melorize, le groupe Nu-Live de Toronto, Troupe folklorique les Notes du Corps, Edwidge Pierre, Dubuisson artistry, DJ Scar, Dj Trickey, Dj Ace.
Adm: Free



Karizma is a young Caribbean-American band playing Kompa and World Music. After surfacing with their breakthrough single “Ave’L M Rilax”, Karizma has quickly emerged as one of the louder voice of New York’s young influential Haitian American musicians. Karizma is an 8-piece modern konpa band, Haiti’s most popular musical genre. The band comprises of Emmery Etienne (vocals/songwriter), Jean Napoleon Jr. “Jay R” (guitar), Daniel Paul (keys/producer), Jodanny Petit Frere (keys/producer), Richard Augustin(bass), Louissaint Beliard (drums), Davidson Bastien (congas), and Blanchner Auguste (percussionist). Karizma issued their first single in Summer of 2010. On June 17, 2011, Karizma debuted to a sold-out audience at Area Lounge in Queens. The band continues to raise their stock with smart street marketing, and successful performances at venues throughout New York, including SOBS, Macy’s flagship store in Boston, Haiti, Montreal, and Paris.

Legends of Guitar

Robert Martino – Singer/Guitarist

Robert Martino

At Early age of his career 1960 he started with his neighbohood band “Les Difficiles de PV” after a dispute with his band mate he left and moved by creating his own band “Les Gypsies de PV” with the assistant of Pierrot Al Khal. From 1972 to 1976 around that time the band had so many hit songs like “Haiti, Vrai Bohneur, fierté, pa colé… etc” that they became one of the top bands in the country. Robert left to the US leaving his Brother in law in charge of the band but as you know he never stopped working for the Konpa Fan, by 1977 he introduced the the public to one of the best bands ever SCORPIO. He was traveling around the Caribbean and the US with Scorpio cause they were on top of the chart. 1977 to 1981 it was crazy album sou album the rivalry started also with DP Express. 1982 he left to reside in the US in the years that followed we had so many Scorpios like Scorpio Fever, Scorpio universel, Scorpio D’Haiti, Scorpio la crème. He reappeared in force with the band TOP VICE. Robert has contributed in so many aspect of our Industry and Legend for the work he did over decades and counting.

Toto Laraque – Guitarist

Toto Laraque

Toto was born in Port-au-Prince on September 15, 1953. He began his musical career at the age of 11 and for Laraque, art was always a part of family life. In 1978, Toto, brother Jean-Jean, and Reginald Policard, founded the well known orchestra: Caribbean Sextet. Since his youth, Toto has been entirely devoted to solo guitar. Toto has composed some of the Caribbean hits, such as: Chat Fifi, Jolibois, (Toto), gague cock Madougou (Boulot and Toto), and staff: Konkou plastic body.
The Caribbean artist has played many shows in Miami and New York. In August 1998, Toto and his friend Richard Widmaier had the idea to host on June 1, the Magical Night of the Guitar, with 14 guitarists gathering. In June 2000, he was in Montreal playing at several clubs (Palm, Coconut Grill, Ramada Hotel … etc.). On August 2001, A new Toto cd `Guitarement vôtre“ was released and has had international success.
On March 16, 2002 in New York Toto received an award for his instrumental CD “Guitarement Votre“ and its music services in the USA. On July 1st 2001, Claude Marcelin, Pascal, and Toto Laraque played for 12,000 spectators at the Montreal Jazz Festival. On July 27 2001 they performed with Mano Charlemagne in the framework of Franco and it was a memorable evening. In July 2003 Toto was selected from about 200 guitarists to play alone for an hour and he performed brilliantly, playing his own compositions to an audience of 12,000 people at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2003.
In July 2005, he again took part in the Jazz Festival with trumpeter Eddy Brisseaux, and drummer Rudy Nau. Toto also shone at the Brussels Festival in Belgium in the company of Azor and Eddy Prophet. July 30, 2005, he accompanied Mervil Francofolies before an audience of more than 100,000 spectators on the main stage. From 2006 to 2013 he also played in France, Spain, Brazil to the United States, Africa etc. In 2014 and 2015 he continued these countries tours and celebrates 50 years of music with his band the Nostaljiks and receives a multitude of Honorary Plaques to promote his career. For 2016 he will present his Toto Laraque Quartet with its Tropical Music Cruise and his latest CD 50 years of music.



The musical group T-Vice was formed in 1991 by brothers Roberto and Reynaldo Martino, sons of renowned Haitian guitarist Robert Martino of the classic Top Vice band, T-Vice’s predecessor. Longtime friends James Cardozo and Gerald Kebreau were soon part of the group thus completing the quartet. Roberto and Reynaldo had thought of the idea of creating their own group through the musical influence and inspiration they received from Top Vice in which their father was the lead guitarist.

T-Vice used the revolutionized genre of kompa with the energetic party vibe they brought to the scene. Musical influences from reggae, merengue, flamenco and modern synthesizing from Ansyto, Fabrice Rouzier, Robert Charlot and Mickey rock ‘n’ roll have made the group one of the most innovative musicians of the genre. The group’s performances have led them to become the current face behind the music in large part due to their international touring. The band has traveled to European, and Caribbean countries, as well as U.S states for concerts. The band’s debut album “Konpa Kontak” was a hit among konpa listeners. In October 2006, T-Vice released a new album titled Kité’m Viv.


Roberto Martino (born Jun 13, 1975) – Lead singer and guitarist/composer
Reynaldo Martino (born May 11, 1978) – Singer, Composer and Maestro.
Gerald Kebreau (born Jun 18, 1971) – Bass guitarist
James Cardozo (born Jan 7, 1973) – Singer/vocals, Keytar
Oliver Duret (born August 4, 1981)- co – singer
Rivenson Louissaint – (born June 6, 1984)- Drummer
Eddy Junior Viau – (born 5, 1984)- Percussionist
Jessie Al-Khal (born June 10)- Manager