What is Kompa Zouk?


Kompa is an Original Haitian music invented by saxophonist Nemours Jean-Baptiste . As with zouk, kompa is derived from the Dominican merengue and also close to the calypso. It was on July 26, 1955, when Nemours Jean-Baptiste formed the “Coronto International” group with some musicians, and created its own musical style he calls “direct kompa”.


Zouk is a style of music known worldwide from Guadeloupe and Martinique. Propelled into the 80s this music was influenced by African music, specifically by a group from the Democratic Republic of Congo; The Rycco Jazz. In the 60s this group sang rumba, which was the basis for many singers and composers. Zouk also comes from these neighbouring islands, such as the Dominican with cadence and Trinidad with calypso. These different kinds of music created zouk. Zouk became popular when the famous Kassav and Yélélé tube came out in 1984, there was also hit with their Zouk Machine Maldon, in 1989. Zouk is usually sung in Creole. Artists such as Gilles Floro, Edith Lefel Harri Diboula and Sonia Dersion have marked the scene of zouk. Nowadays other types of zouk were added to the directory, such as zouk r&b and ragga.